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Introduction to DNA for Family History

Have you been hearing about DNA and it that it can be used for family history, but don't know what you might get out of it? Or perhaps you have already had a test done but don't know what the results mean?

Some of the ads on TV give a misleading idea of what DNA testing can tell you. This seminar will teach you all about DNA, starting with the information you wish you had been taught in high school. It will then talk about the various types of DNA tests available, why you would use each of them, and what you might expect to learn from your results to help with your family history.

Saturday 10 February 2018, 11am to 4pm
Turramurra Seniors Centre
1 Gilroy Rd Turramurra
(within easy walking distance of Turramurra Station)
$50, which includes a light lunch

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