Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Exciting news about RootsTech London!

The first RootsTech conference not to be held in Salt Lake City will be held 24-26 October this year in London. It will be an awesome event, and I am lucky enough to be an Ambassador for the event. Although the speakers haven't all been announced yet, I've heard whispers about some of them and they are not to be missed. Those that have been announced also promise to be very interesting. Nick Barratt and Myko Clelland are always very good, and I heard fantastic reports of Jonny Perl's talk at Salt Lake City this year, so I'll make sure not to miss him this time. The full schedule should be announced in June.

But in the meantime, the first of the Keynote speakers has just been announced. It's Donny Osmond. Now, I have never been an Osmonds fan, but I saw Donny when he was the Keynote speaker at Salt Lake City during the 2015 RootsTech conference, and he was really great and very interesting.  So non-fans of the Osmonds will enjoy his talk just as much as the die-hard fans.

London RootsTech won't be exactly like the conferences in Salt Lake City, but there will still be keynote speakers (like Donny Osmond), over 150 classes, the Expo Hall (which will now be called the Exhibition Hall, and will have hands-on applications for you to have a play with) and entertainment. The sessions will be 45 minutes in length, with 45 minute breaks in between, and your registration fee will cover everything: you pay once and everything is included.

Myko Clelland from Findmypast

Currently there is an early bird offer of £49 for a 1-day pass (reduced from £99) while a 3-day pass will cost £99 (reduced from £149). There are also a discounted flights from the US to the UK on Delta Airlines, and Crowne Plaza Docklands and the Tower Hotel London.  Details of these special offers are available at

Donny Osmond Keynotes RootsTech in 2015

Closer to the event I will be giving away a free registration, and if you are a winner and have already registered for RootsTech your registration will be refunded.

I have been to several RootsTech conferences in Salt Lake City and they have all been fantastic and memorable experiences. I have no doubt that RootsTech London will be the same.

Disclaimer: As a Rootstech Ambassador I receive complimentary admission to the event, invitations to some extra events and dinners and a free registration to give to one of my readers. I bear the cost of my return airfares from Australia and pay for my accommodation and meals.