Friday, March 25, 2011

Tuesday & Wednesday on the Cruise

Tuesday was another shore day, this time on Lifou.  Very pretty, and not at all built up.  In the morning we went on a Melanesian Encounter, where we were taken to a Melanesian Village, shown their church, visited the chief’s hut (a round thatched hut very like an English iron age hut) and then taken to see a demonstration of their chicken cooking, which was an underground style of cooking.  We got to taste a bit of “one they had prepared earlier” which was very nice.  The afternoon tour was scenic drive and a swim at a beach – much appreciated because it was incredibly hot and humid.

Back on the ship there were some talks in the dome.  I missed the first one as I was not yet back on board, but attended one by Allan Murrin and Jan Gow on the recent RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City.  They videod all the talks, and a few of them have been put online – they can be accessed at  There was also another excellent historical chat by Dr Leigh Summers, this time on Contraception and the Victorians, followed by a Trivia Quiz.

Wednesday had nothing scheduled as it was a full day ashore on Vanuatu.  Once again it was incredibly hot and humid, but we had a great tour around the island.

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