Monday, November 5, 2012

Gamekeepers in Warwickshire

The recent release by Ancestry of Warwickshire Occupational an Quarter Sessions meant that I found something about my 4xg-grandfather Thomas Moore and his father, John Moore.  The family lived in Preston Bagot in the picture-postcard manor house there.  As far as I knew they were just farmers, but now I know that they were also gamekeepers, appointed by the Lord of the Manor – William Mills in the case of Thomas and John Mills in the case of Thomas's father.  This gave them the "power and authority to kill the Hares Pheasants Partridges and all and singular other the Game upon the said Manor".  I believe the family had lived in Rowington before they moved to Preston Bagot.  John Moore had married Martha Oldham of Wasperton in 1775, and their son Thomas married Elizabeth Anchor in 1807.  Their daughter Sarah (my 3x g-grandmother) was the family member who came to Australia with her sister Martha and Martha's husband, Michael Steel, in 1845. Sarah married John Highett in Van Diemen's Land the following year.
Preston Bagot Manor House


  1. Hi! It looks like we're related.

    We share 4 x great grandparents!

    I'm descended from Thomas MOORE & Elizabeth ANCHOR's son Thomas, whereas you're descended from their daughter Sarah.

    Have dropped you an email and sent some family tree info.

    Spooky to be both called Jenny/ie !

    I'm off to Preston Bagot this week to search the churchyard with my mum (Valerie Moore) - will send pics!

    Jennie Rainsford

  2. Thank you Jenny for this post! What a blessing to find it and the photo you posted of the actual house where our ancestors lived.
    I also share your 4 X great grandparents. Thomas Moore and Elizabeth Anchor's eldest child Mary Ann married Charles Dawes and their granddaughter (my grandmother) emigrated to Sydney, Australia, so we're both Aussies!
    I'm so grateful to benefit from your research. I would also like to share with you via email. Thank you for sharing first.

    Glynis Newton

  3. Hi Glynis,
    Sorry for the delay in responding. Feel free to contact me directly on jenny.joyce(at) - replacing the (at) with the appropriate symbol