Friday, November 15, 2013

Could family histories help with Dementia?

I recently compiled a family history for a client, who was intending to give copies to her mother and sisters.  Her mother is 85 and suffering from dementia.  Having a family history to read, which was laid out in a structured and chronological order, has apparently helped her memory and improved her response to people now.  The photos which my client provided and which I included in the family history also helped prompt her mother's memories.

One case on its own does not constitute a scientific study, of course, but it is interesting.  I wonder if the same effect has been seen before?
The bound 263-page report I provided

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  1. After meeting on a Tour of Greece 11 years ago we are 3 couples who enjoy being together. Since then we had a yearly week-end romp somewhere in the midwest. Two years one member was identified with significant loss of short term memory and the problem has increased. I made a digital scrapbook, printing copies for each couple, but really for him. I hope talking about our good times with pictures of all of us and the different places will bring pleasure to him. I add this to your 'unofficial' study data. ;-)