Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Medieval Times are not all in the Past

Last weekend I went back to the medieval era.  All within 10 minutes of my home.

It started on the Friday night with a four course medieval banquet, attended by the King and Queen of St Ives.  Many of the attendees were suitably attired, though because it was late and we only had candlelight (there was no electricity supply in the medieval times, of course), some of the photos have come out a bit dark.

The banquet hall

The minstrels

The Lord Herald, who ran the

The King and Queen of St. Ives

The Banquet in full swing

The Lord Herald again

And some Mead to drink
The next two days were spent at the Medieval Faire. Even with two days I did not see it all - there was just so much going on.

There were people showing how to use the weapons and how fighting really took place (as opposed to Hollywood's version of it) ...

... and Viking battles ....

Ready for battle

In the midst of it

... jousting, of course ...

... musicians ....

... templar knights ...

... first aid for injuries ....

Stitching up the wounded

... people working in their camps ...

Chopping Firewood

Spinning wool with a distaff 

Speaks for itself

... and people relaxing around their camps.

Of course, there was food to prepare ....

Drying meats to preserve them

Meat preserved in lard (rear) and fresh curd cheese
Spinach, cream, egg soup

... and people needed somewhere to sleep.

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